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Size Guide

This sizing chart will help you choose the correct size. We recommend double checking your child’s size before ordering.

Please note that all sizes listed below are approximate & will vary slightly due to the stretch of the garment.

Our customers have told us that our tees are generously sized so your child should get plenty of wear out of their Magnificent Stanley item.

*1/2 chest is measured below armhole, straight across – length is measured from shoulder seam to hem*
6-12m -       chest 30cms   length 37cms
1-2 yrs -        chest 31cms   length 39 cms
2-3 yrs -       chest 32cms   length 42 cms
 3-4 yrs -        chest 33cms   length 46 cms
4-5 yrs  -      chest 35cms   length 49cms
 5-6 yrs -       chest 36cms   length 51cms
7-8yrs -        chest 39cms   length 54cms
0-3m-         chest 23cms   length 37cms
3-6m-          chest 24cms   length 40cms
6-12m-        chest 25cms   length 42cms
1-2 yrs-           chest 34cms   length 30cms
2-3 yrs -          chest 35cms   length 34cms
3-4 yrs -          chest 37cms   length 37cms
4-5yrs -           chest 39cms length 41cms
 5-6 yrs -          chest 42cms   length 43cms
 7-8 yrs-           chest 44cms   length 47 cms
Ladies Sweatshirts;
XS (8)  -  chest 49cms         length 55cms
S/M (8-12) -  chest 52cms   length 62cms
 M/L (12-14) - chest 56cms   length  64cms
XL (16) -    chest 64cms      length  64cms